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Yep, pretty much how I feel after leg day on the 21 Day Fix workout day for Lower Fix. Hurts so good! I've got a love/hate relationship with it!

#fitness #funny #picoftheday www.LiveStrongLiveLean.com ;)

When you finally hit the gym and realise you have no idea what you are doing. It's okay, neither do these guys. Top gym fails memes, for your pleasure.

Why did this guy have to go away?

Why did this guy have to go away?

Hilarious animal pictures are a great way to brighten up your day. Everyone loves funny animal photos, and who can blame them? Come and have a laugh.

Mommy's Downsizing: My 15 Minutes of BODYATTACK- you need to read this woman's sloth to sexy blog. So funny you will burn calories laughing. Oh and "Josh the Fabulous" is my friend from highschool :)

I suddenly feel the urge to make an elephant noise every time I plank in the gym

Funny Fitness Pictures – 34 Pics

men's fitness motivation man I hate fucking legs because for 3 days I avoid the stairs but you got to do it


Funny Lunch My favorite exercise in a cross between a lunge and a crunch. It’s called lunch.


Gym humor - a little humor for the teachers who need to leave work to re-energize and get their fitness on!

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Checking out your progress after a hard workout at the gym. Hahaha so true!

Keeping it 100!  I did feel like this after my first day at the gym hahaha!

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"Father of the year"... Because having 3 kids is no EXCUSE! If you want it you will do it! http://mmorris.webs.com or  https://www.facebook.com/MMorrisFitness

Funny pictures about Having 3 kids is no excuse. Oh, and cool pics about Having 3 kids is no excuse. Also, Having 3 kids is no excuse.

Why I don't jog - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body & rest!

Crossfit for bulldogs. I wonder if the CFTF American Bulldog would play with our rings :-)

The wolf of Wall Street

These leg day posts make me giggle they are so true. Ironically, its leg day today!