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“Nature is only wild to those who separate themselves from Her.” — Raven Grimassi Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch: Mastering the Five Arts of Old World Witchery http://amzn.to/1u5VYGd Image...

The forest inside my head. Where I go running with wolves. LUMEN cover ideas ---love the picture but weirded out by the link

Chasing Snowflakes

"There is nothing I want more in this world than a pet wolf," she said. She ran with wolves.

Run Witches, Run!....there is sale at Grimm Hollow Herb Farm!

Black and White Witch darkness goth gothic cemetery dark forest nu goth gothic girl all black cloak dark beauty gothic beauty

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!...” ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream... / and thus why I adore her..!

generatorcat: “ this art think it’s supposed to be powerful all I can think of a young werewolf who can’t shift yet at her older sibling dragging her back from.


She danced through the trees with a touch so gentle, a breeze which ruffled the leaves, kissed her hair a dull blonde that flew down her shoulders as she twirled with all the grace of a big cat, hunting.

| Fall Into Autumn | {An Autumnal Serenade} DH Lawrence

The foxes are my friends. They speak to me words of cleverness and ideas that would baffle the mind. Trust in the fox, they are magestic like the lion, secretive as the panther, and clever like a tiger. They are an animal that is powerful yet small