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1 031 $US · Painting, Oil  by Armen Ghazayran (Nem) (États-Unis). Buy the original (42x33 cm) 1 031 $US, including shipping (États-Unis) via #Artmajeur. Licenses available from 31 $US via #Artmajeur.  #Painting #Oil #Expressionism #EverydayLife #Surrealism #Artwork #ArtPainting #WallPicture #WallArt #SurrealistArt #SurrealistArtist #ModernArt #ModernArtist #PopularArt #PopularArtist #AbstractArt #AbstractArtist #ArmenGhazaryan #ArtInUSA #SeattleWA #Architecture #Design Popular Artists, Modern Artists, Surrealist, Abstract Artists, Picture Wall, Architecture Design, Art Painting, Wall Art, Gallery
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Acrylic on mat board
About this artwork: Classification, Techniques & Styles
Paint consisting of pigments bound with linseed oil or carnations. The traditional technique consists of superimposing layers of paint increasingly rich in oil for a solid and durable hanger.
From 1905, a group of German artists formed the Expressionist movement "Die Brücke" which was dissolved in 1013. The works highlight the artist's perception of the world. In parallel to Munich, in 1909 artists created the group Neue Künstler Vereinigung München (NKVM) around Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1964) who sought to highlight a spiritual content in their work rather than their own perception.
Painting is an art form of painting on a surface by aesthetically applying colored fluids. Painters represent a very personal expression on supports such as paper, rock, canvas, wood, bark, glass, concrete and many other substrates. Work of representation or invention, painting can be naturalistic and figurative, or abstract. It can have narrative, descriptive, symbolic, spiritual, or philosophical content.
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