Паскаль Кэмпион (Pascal Campion) — иллюстратор из Сан-Франциско. Моменты настоящего счастья – Telegraph

Heartwarming comics show that love is always in the details 💕 - Best of Art [🎨credit: Pascal Campion Art]


Cute Kitchen Girl & her big Great Dane dog staring at out of reach Cookie Jar Illustration - Partners by Elisa Kwon

17 безумных гиф-аниматоров

Rebecca Mock: "Nothing to do in this Heat." ILLUSTRATION Intricate GIFs depicting modern life from illustrator Rebecca Mock

Иллюстр. Pascal Campion

River walk benches, Strasbourg, sometime ago. River walk benches, Strasbourg, sometime ago.

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_It’s nice… needs a bit of a touch up…but nice. _What do you think? _You bet! _Let the adventure begin….

Pascal Campion | Work - Illustration

(Pinned by AshOkaConcept ॐ) Original Illustrations by Pascal Campion

These enchanting artworks are created by professional illustrator Sparrow. Sparrow is a username that she use on Tumblr, as she explained “It’s from A Ubiquity Of Sparrows by Craig Arnold, who has written all my favourite poems about birds that aren’t really about birds.”   h/t: thisiscolossal

Enchanting Illustrations And Animated GIFs By Sparrows

An illustrator working under the name Sparrows has created a series of animated GIFs that delight and intrigue. The artist says that she takes her name from her favorite poem A Ubiquity Of Sparrows by Craig Arnold.

Animated gif - Under the Rain

Animated Artwork from Davide Aurilia Graduated as a graphic designer in Enrolled at School of Comics in Milan, graduated in specializing in children’s illustration.