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Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wussten

Motivated light is used in this scene to emphasize the figure of the actor and the use of fog to give the light more shape.


The vision for LX somewhat unrealistic. but shadows in the background. LS 31 front light as well. --- I like the shadow imagery in this picture. Especially how one image is very focused and the rest are faded, creates an interesting effect.

Dear Journal, today I had a different dream... This has never happened to me before, so I don't know what's becoming of me.

I watch as the lesser demons slam and drag their hands against the glass. Begging for release in there own personal hell.


Shape is the dominant design element in this scene. There is a repetition of rectangles that suggest an urban setting.

Pinterest Predicts the Top 10 Home Trends of 2016: Much of the time we can foresee major trends by trolling the trade shows, reading buzzy blogs, and keeping an eye on the preferences and purchases of our favorite design people. But Pinterest just took the forecasting field a step further, observing what its 100 million users are loving.

Pinterest Predicts the Top 10 Home Trends of 2016

Mark Zuckerberg. Information is power.

Fascist book and their crusade of censorship disguised as fighting fake news…/Artist credit: Luis Quiles

Eileen Walsh and Richard Mylan in Frantic Assembly's The Believers.

Using physical theatre to move around the stage, a good idea but I am not sure if this will be practical enough bringing it on and off stage.

Certains traversent toute la galaxie pour venir voir issyparis !

Certains traversent toute la galaxie pour venir voir issyparis !

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with…

She is Magique

Nothing spurs our minds more than the unknown, and as artists turn to the universe for inspiration, scientists turn to artists.