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This is a good example of line element because the picture makes my eyes follow the lines throughout the entire image. The person in the picture is outlined which draws my eyes to it. Therefore, this element was effective.

Portrait Illustrations by Gabrielle

Artist: Unknown I love the line and detail of this drawing and how your eye is drawn to the shininess of the hair. I think that the hair is very well done.

سَمَع !  هُسّْ   ها  يا عيْن صاااااد رحمة ربك عبده زكريا إذ نادى ربه نداءً خفيا: قال: رب إنى وهن العظم منى و اشتعل الرأس شيبا ولم أك بدعائك، رب، شقيا قصدى يعنى hi  ورحمة الله و بركاته و فى روايةٍ أخرى: سعيده باركه واللى ما يعجبوش فود الغردقه يبقى يجيب فوده معاه أو ييجى حدانا كنكه  الفود حدانا على قفا من يشيل أما الوكل فده زى الفاصوليا - إيه عجبك، يا إيمى، فى مدرسة كنكه ؟ !! المراجيح   طب وإيه عجبك، يا إيمى، فى كنكه ؟ !! التورتات  وللناسِ فيما يعشقونَ مذاهبٌ و الناس مزاجات ولوا إختلاف…

Hand Drawn Illustrations by Ileana Hunter *inspiration? More like totally jealous of that awesome talent.

Beautiful Sketch! I don't know how people draw like this. Perfection.

Those drawings by Zindy Nielsen of the famous people are really amazing,they are very nice done.There are many celebrities in her drawings.

Das das trotz der vielen Strichen noch so realistisch aussieht

[Interesting technique] Faces by Vince Low - what a cool way to draw with pen. ive done a similar idea, but never for a face.

A woman wearing a lovely white dress finds some goodies on the sea shore. This print is signed and numbered and is available unframed in size 12"x16" A Donation Edition

Steve Hanks Treasures on the Shore