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I've never been a fan of pets after i had to give my dog away as a child Confession! :'( but i come to know how to Love every beautiful creation :] someday

"He sure loved to make her smile; he'd do anything to catch a glimpse of it. It always reminded him of when they first met, of when he fell in love with her. "

he is making me laugh and blush with joy and love and happiness and he is laughing and delights and falls deeply in love at my wonderful little ways that makes maja who she is. he brings happiness into my life.

A las montañas | no puedo dejar mi pon |

I want to travel with you! i want to go to obscure places with no one around. I want it to be just us. I want to kiss you in every possible place! From the oceans to the mountains to the dessert I want to kiss you there!

24 Sweet Engagement Photos that Prove Love Is All You Need!

24 Sweet Engagement Photos that Prove Love Is All You Need

Engagement photos are a fun way to announce your happy news, and most importantly, to show your love! We love engagement photos that incorporate creative themes

Hayden Williams Flashback to my first collection from I always love re-imagining the Disney girls as it takes me back to sketching them as a child.

As princesas da Disney sempre usam vestidos maravilhosos! Agora, já imaginou como seria se elas fossem em um tapete vermelho? O IG @mida_illustrations se inspira nos clássicos vestidos das princesas para criar look dignos de um #RedCarpet!  Olha só que lindos! Qual você escolheria? ( @mida_illustrations )

Disney Princesses Dreams Collection part II finally over! With Jasmine Mulan Belle and Pocahontas, hope you’ll like it!