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I want to try and project shadows on every day objects or or create something cool and give it more visual with shadows

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"Do you read German?" "Good, I understand a little German because dad used to speak it now and then, but I don't read it. So Grandfathers books are of no use to me.

"Hey Xavier." "Yeah?" "I promise you that one day, I'll travel you around the world. Whether by yourself, with me, or with Diem, I'll get you out of the city." He launches himself at the princess. "You're the best friend I could ever ask for."

Take advantage of everything that happens in your life - it's happening for a reason. The time is now! Not tomorrow 🌞🌞🌞

Let’s get Real…You and I, shall We?   F*ck it. Let’s get brutally honest.  Let me tell you what I want. Period.  I want a man who looks at me like he could burn a hole right through my heart with his desire for me.  I want chemistry that is palpable not just to each other, not just to the room, but that could register on the Richter Scale.  I want someone whose night is not complete, who’s eyes refuse to close, without telling me goodnight and that they love me.  I want to be sought after…

We bring your past memories into the picture in front of ourr eyes, our knowledge and our desirees.

We Take Double-Exposure Animal Portraits To Escape The Daily Routine | Bored Panda

We Take Double-Exposure Animal Portraits To Escape The Daily Routine

Faunascapes Fox Art Print by WhatWeDo. Printed on Cyclus Offset which is an uncoated, natural white recycled offset paper that is eco and FSC

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