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Ann is learnig how to skate. she seems to love it _ _ _ for more sketches, WIP, tutorials and stuff support me and become my patreon!


at the very top - a dinner in George's flat - Anne Marie, G, Cara and Cara's cousin - young vampire Danielle. upper right corner - wolfies - werewolf twins, Danielle's friends. This is the art of Savannah

This can help because it uses the idea of skin decaying without as much blood and gore.

finally it's done! I started to draw this piece last year XD and I finished it today. sooo... there's my George : ) from 2006 (17 years old) to now (24). doesn't change a lot. just got some new pir...

Dead Princess & Milk Prince - created for Adventure Time world. but I can't draw in AT style XD Dead Milk