fun succulent arrangement in a repurposed vintage coffee pot

20 Succulent Planters You’ll LoveI LOVE succulents! In the plant world you could consider them as exotic beauties… Unique, colorful and dazzling.I decided to share some of my favorite planters.

Names Of Succulent Plants | Sedum morganianum (Donkey Tail, Burro's Tail) - photography by ...

Sedum morganianum (Donkey Tail, Burro's Tail) - Succulent plant native to Mexico and Honduras is a popular houseplant. I had one of these plants for 30 years. It's a slow grower but mine was 3 times as long.

Planter made from an old floor lamp!! Not too crazy about the color of the flowers but I love the idea!

floor lamp turned into a planter pedestal. We have an old, ornate floor lamp that we found at a yard sale, but can't find a glass shade for it. This would be a GREAT way to repurpose it!

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Heritage Succulents Want the effect of fire on your patio but maybe scaled down a bit. Recycle that older fire pit into a succulent and candle planter.

Se você ama as plantas suculentas e é fã de decoração, saiba que esta combinação é perfeita! Veja como decorar espaços com estas plantinhas simpáticas!

Plantas suculentas na decoração de ambientes fotos dicas e cuidados

Most succulents are light-lovers, but a surprising number prefer bright shade and do well as windowsill plants. Among these are striped zebra plants (haworthias) and kalanchoes that bloom in every warm hue.