Eisenstaedt ...    Children at Puppet Theatre  -  Children Watching the Story of “Saint George and the Dragon” at the Puppet Theater in the Tuileries, Paris, 1963

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt - children in Paris watching a puppet show 'Guignol' (Punch & Judy). He captured THE moment!

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The notorious ban on alcohol in North America sparked both outrage and a renowned speakeasy culture of underground bars and secret parties. Hence, the 1920 also became known as the Prohibition Era. Photo: protesters against the alcohol ban.

Paris by Robert Doisneau: photographs of the city in the and - Telegraph "A summation of a spectacular career, this is the most extensive Doisneau collection ever published," adds Taschen. The Sidelong Glance (Romi's Shop) Rue de Seine, Paris 1948

Caniveau en crue, 1934, Robert Doisneau.

The water running the street is a good capture for a black and white.mimbeau: Gutter in flood Paris 1934 Robert Doisneau