Groovewear Artist Box Custom Numbers

Groovewear Artist Box by LA TIGRE. Starting from the logo, designed by Emil Kozak, development of Groovewear identity, website and packaging.

Haymarket By Scandic is a new upscale hotel located in downtown Stockholm. The building was previously home to a famous department store dating back to the beginning of the century. Inspired by the art deco movement, we created a visual identi

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Old Typeface Numbers Stencil Set + No Stencil - Various sizes

Add numerals to your hand lettering projects with this easy tutorial!

Basic Hand Lettering: Numbers

La realidad de las cifras de usuarios en redes sociales

Arabic numerals (the ones used in English) were not invented by the Arabs at all – they were actually invented by Indian mathematicians. They were modified and transferred to North African Arab mathematicians and transmitted to Europe in the Middle Ages.

Beautiful number font

Parfait Script Pro takes its inspiration from Spencerian script and pointed brush lettering, two styles of writing (or of drawing letters, a calligrapher would say), that the designer successfully combined.