"Zillah?" The young woman's face was frozen in shock. Hurt showed in her eyes. Iris felt an unfamiliar feeling, a surge of absolute anger. She wanted only for Zillah to laugh again.

Consuelo's role I choose Emmy Rossum :) I think she's a proper actress to play the role of a naive and innocent opera singer .

lohrien:  Illustrations by Wojtek Fus dA l shop

Wojtek Fus is a Polish concept artist working on games and animation. Here’s a collection of his amazing portrait paintings.

Abigail on Photography Served

Brian Ingram works as an attorney but during his free time he loves to take photographs. This 38 year-old americain offers us beautiful portraits with fascinating contrasts, either in colors or in black and white.

(Be him his POV) I looked at Mia and I felt doubt creep into my mind,maybe it was just a dream... But I saw what I saw and I wasn't so sure the girl I like was what she seemed... "Hey what's wrong David?" She asked me suddenly. I looked down

Omg this is so Mia when Isabella is embarrassing her. Her face reads "Please put a sock in it before I do my dear cousin, please stop,god dang it do I have to slap you?