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Congrats on theboy😍😍 u and the homie take care of em fr yall, yall gone be good parents gn tho

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Here are few inspiring quotes we are sure that these will be source of inspiration for you – “Our life is what our thoughts make it.

Today's Fab-ruary Affirmation is brought to you from my sick bed. Hope you're all feeling more fabulous than moi today!

Lord have mercy it's been crazy hectic the past 2 weeks but thank you Lord I made it! It's gonna be a great weekend that got started off with a long over due chat with my childhood best friend! Myra day today and Special Olympics Spring games tomorrow! Woo hoo! #specialneedsmom #policewife #graciemaeloufreebush #momstudent #hustlingmama by myra_dd

I'm so at peace in my life right now. I feel happy and balanced. I'm a stay-at-mom, blessed wife and happy girl. I love all of it. Even with more responsibilities then before, I've never felt so complete and relaxed. Life is good.