Pollyanna Reinvents: My Garden House Gets Window Walls! Cute garden house with old windows.

I can not begin to tell you how fun it was for my DH and me to put together the windows for the side walls on the garden house last Saturday.

A Garden Shed, Maybe? – Everyday Living

A Garden Shed, Maybe?

Donna's beautiful Tinkerhouse, love the vines climbing on it now and that wooden barrel! Seen here: donna reyne: On the deck, my quiet place (Tinkerhouse was an inspiration for my greenhouse)

Window and stained class Green House

10 Inspiring DIY Greenhouses: Make Your Own Garden Oasis

Over 151 people liked this! Romantic Cottage Style or Victorian Style Greenhouse. A tiny garden house made from recycled vintage windows. ShabbyChic little house. Perfect for historic backyard. Magical potting shed.

Who needs a greenhouse when you could fill it up with books!  In my opinion you should have BOTH PLANTS AND BOOKS!

It Was Just A Shabby Little Shed Out Back, Until Wife Transforms It Into Her Private Escape

Home Office Shed. now there's an idea! I saw a cute house for sale with about a square slab in the backyard, leftover from a portable shed I guess. how fun it would be to build a litte sewing/quilting studio onto it! Love this idea

you won't be putting any lawn mowers in there anytime soon.

A garden shed, hut or wendy house becomes a beautiful and practical garden room. This romantic garden shed is painted in shades of palest mint green and sky blue.