Special places for special letters.

Special places for special letters. (pascal campion)

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pascalcampion: “ There you are old friend. I missed you. I missed your touch. I missed your warmth. I missed the way you make me feel…hmmm. It’s good to have you back.

Fixer upper. #pascalcampionart. So? _It's nice... needs a bit of a touch up...but nice. _What do you think? You want to do this with me? _You bet! _Let the adventure begin.... tadadadahhh. _That's super cheesy honey. _Shhh... I'm enjoying my new home.. _OUR new home. _...Right.. _Sigh. _How about green doors? _Don't even think about it.. _ This is going to be fun..I can tell.

_It’s nice… needs a bit of a touch up…but nice. _What do you think? _You bet! _Let the adventure begin….

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