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Vô tình thay, điều chúng ta lo sợ lại trở thành hiện thực. Trong khi những hứa hẹn, mong chờ mãi mãi là giấc mơ..

"I lifted my hands into the golden splay of light, and felt my fingers warm as the sun kissed them." <-- so pretty from previous pinner. The sunlight makes it look like his or her hands are on fire.

Ive always wanted to buy a bird and set it free.. and I will..probably several over the span of my life. It's simple ,  birds are NOT meant to be caged.

What A Beautiful Image With Stunning Morning Light And A Pretty Bird - Evokes Total Freedom

By:Natalia Drepina

I lifted their left wrist and caressed the soft humanlike skin, I expected the black paint to come off. Is it a special type of paint? How could it stay on through burns and blood?

Sunlight on my skin.....the healing properties of Vitamin D.

Sunlight - sometimes I lie on our wooden floor boards when the winter sun comes though the window to feel warm and dream of summer coming.

Harper’s Bazaar, September 2012 photographer: Koray Birand Aslı Abbasoğlu // thedailygrit:inritus

Love is a brief moment for which you hold forever.

(Holding hands is underestimated) and rainbow colors like this can energize a relationship. If you like these colors, think about getting a rainbow sundial for your sunny window sill.then you can have colors like this in your home every sunny day!