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The Justice is dead – The satirical illustrations of Gunduz Agayev (image)

The Justice is dead – The satirical illustrations of Gunduz Agayev (image)

The illustrator Gunduz Agayev, a native from Azerbaijan, is back with a new series of satirical illustrations entitled Femidead, featuring the death of Justice

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Le réalisme de l’illustration peut parfois faire froid dans le dos, et vice-versa.Dans un monde globalisé, régulé par l’économie (les gros sous), la bulle internet et m...

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Waldemar von Kozak is an incredibly talented artist best known for his cheeky illustrations prominently featuring tough, sexy women.

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Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are two famous artists from Israel, who love to create colorful but also deep illustrations.

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