Make up love.. I miss my monroe

Love the hair style and color, the makeup, and the Monroe piercing.

SMALL NOSE PIERCING | She's really beautiful.. My focus is on the tiny piercing. I LOVE it!

I've been thinking about getting some new piercings and a nose piercing might be one (to cover a scar). But I need it to be very tiny and not flashy by any means.


dreads and bodymods. Ugh I might have to dread my hair if I ever get the chance

This is what color red I wanted the past two times I dyed my hair red.I could never get it this shade though. Kat's hair is gorgeous!

Different lip piercings. (scheduled via

Lip piercings are done on and around the lips and we give you a better idea regarding the same and how to go about it.

All you need to know about piercing - Piercing 500

Septum Piercing Information and Inspiration Guide with stunning septum piercing images. Information on rook piercing pain, healing, price.