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Splatoon 2 off the hook squid sisters

I think the Marie is Spicy and Callie is Savory but that is just my opinion

Gather around kids! Today Tammy’s gonna sing a song called “Shit I Did Not Mean To Ship It” This was way too adorable and deserved to be uploaded on its own.

absurdres bike shorts blue eyes blue hair blush broken broken weapon brown eyes brush comic covering face hat highres hug inkling orange hair repairing signature splatoon sweater tagme tamarinfrog tears tentacle hair visor cap watermark we

I think biting an inklings tentacle would hurt like Hell, considering its one of their limbs.

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artist name bangs bike shorts blue eyes blue hair blunt bangs domino mask eyebrows full body handheld game console heterochromia hood hood down hoodie inkling joy-con long hair looking at viewer mask monster girl multicolored hair nintendo nintendo s

Splatoon 2 pearl

Splatoon 2 pearl I really like Pearl! Idc what you guys but she is a Princess rapper better than any rapper!