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Conheça a história dos controles da Nintendo em menos de 30 segundos

RIPT Apparel Graphic Tees takes a look back at the Evolution of the Nintendo Gaming System’s controller over the past 30 years. (seems more like the evolution of the nintendo object you hold in your hand, considering the gameboy and ds.

「青イカ」/「形状」のイラスト [pixiv] #Judd #Inkling

That's enough Splatoon<<My name isn’t Gabby, but there is no such thing as to much Sploon

#Splatoon #Dessin #Fanart hizake #JeuxVideo #Inkling

air bubble bangs bare arms bare legs barefoot sandals bike shorts black shorts blue eyes blunt bangs bubble diving domino mask dual wielding hands in pockets headphones highres holding holding weapon inkling kashu (hizake) knees up long hair looking

Splatoon and Bloodbourne

artist_name bloodborne denchinamazu dual_wielding from_behind hunter_(bloodborne) hunter_(bloodborne)_(cosplay) inkling lauren_may moon night orange_hair paint parody signature solo splatoon tentacle_hair


This is Bubble, she is flirty and has a slight crush on Cici and Blue. She is mean and doesn't care for others (unless she likes them) she doesn't show emotion

埋め込み画像への固定リンク - Ooooooooh dangerous squid squad

natsu@チムパロス on

埋め込み画像への固定リンク - Ooooooooh dangerous squid squad


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Splatoon Inkling Girl Travel Outfit

よしはる on

Splatoon Grey Inkling Girl Travel Outfit >>>> it’s kinda looks like a postal service uniform