One True Pairing (FMA fans can relate)

e, happy but. l guess it' s okay, his is my, Prince Charming. Or at least ended up in a relationship, I hope True Love Japanese winrey edward full metal alchemist elrick alchemy brotherhood FMA

hahahaha  fullmetal alchemist funnies. Ed and milk. The surest way to frighten him - "I'm going to tie you to the kitchen chair and feed you a glass of milk unless you tell me everything."  Ed:"I'll talk."

hahahaha fullmetal alchemist funnies And as a vegan, i appreciate Ed that mch more!

Edward and Alphonse haha lol in the top one Edward is getting hit by the flying hearts

The one on the top is hilarious, I love watching Ed get hit on the head with imaginary hearts coming for Sig and Izumi.

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