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re-nise3kawan: RINИE.6 vs 輪音ロク... | 日々是遊楽也

JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable-Kira Yoshikage. Lol I mean, Bowie wasn't a serial killer I am going to assume but.

【ボケ画像】解らない問題は飛ばしなさいと言われた | ボケての面白画像を配信~ボケまと~

【ボケ画像】解らない問題は飛ばしなさいと言われた | ボケての面白画像を配信~ボケまと~


Polnareff & Kishibe Rohan: Jojo [perfect] Shiseido hair and makeup Tadashi Harada has been reproduced is too terrible - Summary NAVER

Nicolas Chabot : 【海外】キレイめでスマートな男性モデルたち - NAVER まとめ

Albert's whole face was stony, but in his eyes, there was something else besides the stoniness that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was not warmth, not even close, but it seemed to hint ever so slightly that he had his own battles to fight.