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Őszi eső.....,Esik eső.............,Esőben,Tánc az esőben,Esik eső.............,Aki azt állítja,....,Esős kép,Egyik kedvenc képem,Tánc az esőben,Rózsa az esőben, - jupiter21 Blogja - " Magamról ***,"Spirituális utam gondolatai*,❤** A kis drágáim *,♥ Gyermekeimnek,útravaló,♥ Unokáimnak,útravaló **,**** Egészséges életmód**,**** Ez itt az én Hazám !**,**** Gyógyító ételek**,**** Gyógynövények**,**** Humor**,**** Igaz volna ?**,**** Kárpátia, Kormorán ***** ,**** Kedvenceim**...

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Welcome To My Lair

Welcome To My Lair

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Masculine Romantic Goth

"She will do nicely. Such an unsuspecting and naive mind. what the fraggle is THAT supossed to mean? Ima eat you if you get any closer to me or muh companions, dweeb!

Őszi eső.....,Esik eső.............,Esőben,Tánc az esőben,Esik…

Őszi eső.....,Esik eső.............,Esőben,Tánc az esőben,Esik…

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I'm making a lace/fleece black winter coat for this year. After that one dies though I want to make a red winter coat like this

It had been a long time since Laurence had seen her, but he was conflicted by feelings of rage and pure joy.  How could she do this. Did she not know what she had done to her reputation, to him. He had a responsibility not only to himself but also to his pack to take care of her. Why did she leave him.

VMale and female Wiccans are called Wiccans. All those who practice witchcraft (regardless of gender) are called witches. The word witch is gender neutral and has been since its equivolent in Middle English.