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Top 10 Best & Most Trainable Dog Breeds 10 Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 9 Border Terrier 8 Australian Shepherd 7 Labrador Retriever 6 Shetland Sheepdo.

The Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro) bred and raised primarily on large plantations and cattle farms where they were originated.

The Fila Brasileiro also known as the Brazilian Mastiff is a large working breed of dog developed in Brazil.

Tosa Inu Japonese

Tosa Inu, Cane Tosa Ken, Tosa T& Japanese Fighting Dog, Japanese Mastiff

Bulldog inglês ~ this guy is Massive!

Olde English Bulldog supposedly a new breed created by combining the English Bulldog,Pit Bull, Bull Mastiff


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