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AGAINST PINTEREST CENSORSHIP I repin this. Please, repin the more you can!   In the picture: Skoptsy , an archaic word meaning "castrated one" in the Russian language. The main feature of the sect was castration. They believed that after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had the halves of the forbidden fruit grafted onto their bodies forming testicles and breasts. Thus, the removal of these sexual organs restored the Skoptsy to the pristine state before the Original Sin.

TIL that toward the end of the century all the horse-powered cabs in Bucharest were driven by Russian Skoptsy, who believed in voluntary castration

The Zeitgeist Movement literally destroys the myth that is Jesus Christ, historically proving that his entire literary existence is a fabrication comprised of several stolen stories, traits and attributes from more than a dozen ancient cultural deities that all predate him by hundreds to thousands of years. Zeitgeist's research comes from the top accredited historians, scientists and archaeolexicologists who have spent years studying Egyptian Papyrus Scrolls, Hieroglyphics and Archaic…

Christianity is the fulfillment and realization of all mythological religions, it is the myth that became fact!

Creator of the universe went to great trouble to create the foreskin. Then insisted that you cut it off. Makes sense.

Adolf Hitler Killed Six Million Jews And Is Worst Human.Cecil Rhodes Founder Of De Beer Diamonds Killed Hundrend Of Million Africans They Made Him Hero.

Never forget. True but never forget it was your own people who sold you. Did you forget that?

In case you're wondering, here's a few examples of what Christians are referring to when they talk about TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL MARRIAGES.  Same sex couples should not be allowed to marry, `cause that would be a sin...

A Biblical guide to marriage: It's not a pretty picture. And people are worried about gay marriage?


Jesus vs Horus - Caesar and the Romans just conveniently repeated a myth to give birth to Christianity.kind of like how Joe Smith copied the bible to create the Book of Mormon.

I'm somewhat motivated to read the bible with a highlighter and pen to find this insane garbage for myself for the next time a religious discussion gets heated.

My favorite pics from /r/atheism

Women should be praised for all they go through. You were made by a woman, why are you oppressing her? Without her YOU would be nothing. Learn to respect.

Misogyny and The bible - Women should be the first to quit christianity

Photos of the Romanov family, hand-tinted by the tsar's daughter.

15 intimate snapshots of the Romanov family, shortly before their execution

If the Christian myth is real (it's not, by the way) then it was a set up from the very beginning for an abusive, torturous relationship at the hands of a vain, manipulative, & violent creator that takes pleasure in the pain & suffering of his children.

If the Christian myth was real, then it would be a set up from the very beginning for an abusive, torturous relationship at the hands of a vain, manipulative, & violent creator that takes pleasure in the pain & suffering of his children.

The pyramids were built by contracted workers and they were held in high esteem and even had their own workers unions. All of this was recorded in ancient Egyptian records. It was a dangerous job and they recorded the names of the men who died during the construction of each pyramid.

No evidence for Exodus. Nothing in the Bible is real, nothing happened, GIVE IT UP Christians & other religious people, WAKE UP!

The Truth About Easter and the Secret Worship of the Anunnaki

Pre Jewish Canaanite Religion has Vedic Gods & Names ~ Mystery of india