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Printable for kids room -

This gives me an idea for a 100 day poster. Make a umbrella popping off the paper and hang 100 rain drops on strings from the umbrella. Also a few rain drops on the top as well.

Today is a beautiful day!!....go out and enjoy it!

even if i did for some odd reason think it was a monday lol wow. i surprise myself with how intelligent i am sometimes. totally made myself rofl

Be a Light to the world!!

Jesus has chosen His children to be "Lights in the world.His blood Cleansed us and Saved us. And by Faith in Jesus, we will not perish but have eternal life"( Romans Matthew 1 Timothy Hebrews Therefore let our light shine before men, and Glorify God.

Love this. :)

Whenever we begin to feel as if we can no longer go on, hope whispers in our ear to remind us that we are strong :: Giclee Print Typography Poster Wall Decor by ParadaCreations

My Joshua ❤️

I'm happy to be stuck with you. Huey Lewis and the News song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes

happiness is a form of courage. I wish my iPad app would let me scroll down to the board I want to pin this on :)

MADE TO ORDER // Happiness is a form of courage quote hand-drawn poster

Happiness is a Form of Courage. Inspirational quote and fun typography for this