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The expressions that are seen in someones face is known as Facial Expressions. Facial expressions represents the mood of a person. These expressions add emotion…

: Nipples This is a tutorial on how I draw the male body. It's just how the male body is drawn in my style along with some tips on how I deal wi. Male Anatomy Reference and Perspective Tips

Some sketches of possibilities for straight hair. I didn't want to do a lot of ponytails, pigtails, buns, etc, so its mostly straight, shoulderlength, worn down. Free reference, woot! though I'd appreciate if you'd link back to me if you find this helpful u.u danke. fyuvix http://fyuvix.deviantart.com/

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anatoref: “ Facial Expressions Top Image Row 2 & 3 Row 4 Row Left, Middle, Right Bottom Image (Source Unknown) ”

25 essential facial expressions challenge. This will happen... eventually.

At first you think they're all the same (a little bit like kirsten steward) but then you get to appreciate the tiny but pivotal changes