Women's Clothing Ancient Egypt

This picture displays various garments that women wore in ancient egyptian, which is usually dress that pleated and it came around the old kingdom times.

illustration : répertoire de motifs égyptiens, "grammaire de l'ornement", Owen Jones, planche n°2, 1856

A Short History of Decorative Hand Fans

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles- Plate 2

Potentially ancient Egyptian style headwear. Village Hat Shop Gallery :: Chapter 1 - Ancient Egyptian :: Illustrations of the different hat styles of the Ancient Egyptians.

Egyptian ornaments and symbols/good for color choices for embroidery

Another type of old art that I love is any type of ornamentation. It could be on a cieling, or in an old manuscript, or even carved into an original piece of jewelry. What I am showing on this lens is a series of illustrations from a French set of.

Egyptian columns

Egyptian "Lotus" Motifs (probably derived from Nymphaea caerulea lily a motif commonly found in the decoration of both utiitarian objects and architechual

Typical decoration pieces from ancient Egypt. The gold jewelry; the ellaborate head- and neckpieces, earrings etc. Interesting fact: silver was not found in Egypt and had to be imported so that its use was limited. So the Egyptians prized their gold and used it in a lot of their decorations/ornaments.

Maria Theresia Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Queen of Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and a Holy Roman Empress Amelie of

Various hairstyles of Ancient Greece. Women, Men, Military, Etc.

ANCIENT GREEK WOMENS FASHION: Women's hairstyles and accessories throughout ancient Greek history because you never know when this might come in handy.