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I hope this will be what my new apricot tree looks like next year.

Peaches/Apricots grew on the tree in Grandma's back yard. Their nectar was so sweet.

Previous pinner: Here's how you do this one.  Juggle three chestnuts, making sure each is lofted in the air at least three times. (More than three times is okay, but fewer invalidates them.) Give two of the chestnuts to others to wish on, and keep the third for yourself.

American or sweet chestnut, notice the different leaves from the horse chestnut.

Vajdahunyad Castle, Hungary (by DIVCI KAMEN)

allthingseurope: “Vajdahunyad Castle, Hungary (by DIVCI KAMEN) ” - allthingseurope: Vajdahunyad Castle, Hungary (by.