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Just got a wood burning tool. I can't wait to try my hand at something like this!

I& always thought of wood burning as something I failed at miserably during Girl Scout Camp, not as a true art form, but these burned wood pieces by Boston artist Cecilia Galluccio are a surprise in their beauty and charming folk-art inspired intricacy

Hometalk :: Rescued Cabinet Turned Red Diva

Rescued Cabinet Turned Red Diva

Diana found this IKEA chair left behind in an alleyway and thought it could look a little more inviting. And what’s more inviting than a chair imploring you to SIT? I thought maybe she found the letter S at Hobby Lobby or something, but nope, Diana is a rockstar and made this herself with scavenged …

Over 2734 people liked this! I have these chairs at home, and totally plan to make these SIT chairs! DIY IKEA Chair Makeover by Diana Durkes via shelterness Chair_Makeover DIY IKEA Diana_Durkes