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✖️빈센트 반 고흐 -해바라기✖️ . (Vincent Van Gogh - Sunflower) . . #타투 #그림 #아트 #그림타투 #디자인…

✖️빈센트 반 고흐 -해바라기✖️ . (Vincent Van Gogh - Sunflower) . . #타투 #그림 #아트 #그림타투 #디자인…

City Meets the Starry Night. As mentioned earlier, starry night is inked in various styles, by variety of artists. So this one gives the scene of starry night over the city. The tattoo uses the same color scheme, but offers a bit different scenario.


Mispinned im sorry!~kim 31 Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired By Famous Artists: Vincent Van Gogh

Esta nueva tendencia en tatuajes te recordarárecordará los lentes 3D que usabas en tu infancia

A selection of the beautiful tattoos of artist Winston the Whale, a tattoo artist based in Portland who uses the anaglyph technique to create popping tattoos

...when everything's meant to be broken... For my favorite Hamburg girl Anna ❤️ #blacknoseclub

…when everything’s meant to be broken… For my favorite Hamburg girl Anna ❤️ (by suflanda via kooltattoos)

Dance, Matisse

14+ Classical Art-Inspired Tattoos You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Porque cachorro é mais do que apenas um animal de estimação.

incríveis tatuagens para apaixonados por cachorros