TFW you're blasting metal around your non-metalhead friends.

Shared by fuckmeimnotgoodatthisshit. TFW you're blasting metal around your non-metalhead friends.

Anecdotario Público - Anécdota 14 - Wattpad

Anecdotario Público - Anécdota 14

This would literally be me (if i never knew stealing was wrong of course) Fox ADHD Gifs on Behance

RUN, IT'S THE COOKIE MONST--- wait, it's just Twilight Thank you to the one who made this awesomeness LOL -EDIT- Renaming this comic to "Sweet Obsession" now Next:

Page 3 ----------- Twilight: "Umm. I'm in a dark, scary place, but it's okay, it tastes good in here~" Next: [link] Prev: [link] Sweet Obsession 3

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fabien-mense: “ It’s a crystal whale, it’s a palace, it’s a spaceship, it’s a magical guts garden. Here is Sidera’s Spaceship ! It was the first time I saw such an accurate model based on one of my.

Welcome to the Personal Blog of Me, Viv M! I am a 22 year old animation student who likes chocolate...

I think she says “leeets get this party started” but I can’t read lip.