You are the master of synchronicity. Know in your heart that all doors are open wide. All you have to do is move through them. -Raven

Things that are magical and have animals always remind me of story Julie might write Raven Crow Rook Black Goth Myth Fear Darkness Wild

it ain't be tears, these are scratched open scars. blood is rushing out. not water.

"I bleed tears, clear liquid seeping from the gashes and cry blood, red rivulets carving their way down my face. I mar the world with my red tears.

Magazine: Vogue Australia  Issue: April 2013  Editorial: The Sweetest Thing  Models: Cassi van den Dungen, Lucas Pittaway  Stylist: Jillian Davidson  Photographer: Will Davidson  Website:

The Sweetest Thing by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia

iowntherunway: The Sweetest Thing Cassi van den Dungen by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia April 2013 See more from this set here This Saint Laurent hat has made the editorial rounds. Becoming a signature piece

Conversation on the fence between two bird friends..

One day the owl and the crow sat upon the weathered wood fence posts. (KO) Do you suppose they noticed that one was black and one white? They just decided to be buddies. Just buddies.