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Infographic: All about Oscar and the Academy Awards

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Películas que pueden darte dolor de cabeza

Bad ass films, min f*ck level to the Top. That and Fight Club is missing, some others too.

My cinematic palate isn’t particularly sophisticated. I’m a big comedy fan myself and the majority of movies I see in theaters are animated or unapologetically cheesy. But every once in a while I’ll get in the mood for something a little more a

Oscar History By Numbers [Infographic


A Night at the Academy Awards: Dollars & Sense The glitz. It's Oscars season, and on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year the stars come out to play.

Crushable’s Oscars Cheatsheet For All The Nominated Movies

Oscars 2014 Cheat Sheet To The Nominated Movies

Oscars ballot

Here’s a handy dandy Oscars ballot for you guys.

Printable Oscar Ballot for Tracking 2018 Predictions - PureWow

The Oscars Are Almost Here! Track Your Predictions with This Downloadable Ballot

Printable Oscar Ballot for Tracking 2018 Predictions - PureWow

You can use your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android devices to follow the Academy Awards.  Movie lovers will LOVE this free Oscar App. #oscars

Movie fans with iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android devices will LOVE the free Oscar App.

The selfie that made 2014

The 25 Most Important Selfies Of 2014

The Cannes Film Festival Bans Celebrity Red Carpet Selfies: Festival President Claims They're Grotesque!