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Little things are the big things

Inspirational Print Typography Poster Enjoy by TheMotivatedType.--- its always important to remind ourselves that we got to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life!

Princess ♡ Carlieta

Take control of your calendar. Say no to things. Save room for relaxation reflection and romance. It's your time after all.


Johannasoderberg Blog

Thats not even far enough ❤️ You and Me ❤️

Pinny: @donttouchmyafro ♡

Pinny: @donttouchmyafro ♡

Go anywhere and everywhere, but make sure you can always catch a glimpse of the deep blue sea. #WBestCruises

I am honestly a mountains and forest person but when seriously "in distress" I need the beach and ocean and just to listen to the waves an veg out to relax.