Any physical deformity was purged from the bloodline. None of us were born standing less than 5'9 with perfect genetic lineage we took great care to preserve the bloodlines. We left the infants born with any physical imperfection out to die to let the gods take care of them. They received the spirit and our intent and quickly took the spirit out of the body and renewed him into another.

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Pince Pausanias of Sparta, victor of the Battle of Plataea and Queen Gorgo's younger cousin. His was a story of love and loss.

Spartan warrior by Leo Manco

Roman hero

Phobos and Deimos are the twin sons of Ares. They ride their fathers chariot into war spreading panic and fear among mortals in the battlefield. Because their mother is Aphrodite, goddess of love, the twins also represent the fear of loss.

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Spartians never retreat

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Warrior woman geisha samurai protecting pale blonde for contrast

Spartan by Leo Manco

Spartan by Leo Manco

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St. Michael. I want this statue for my next tattoo. It's gonna go on my left arm.

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Statue of St. Michael on Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City, Mexico

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Samurai with white tiger

PRANCHRIS: Είναι προτιμότερος ο ωραίος θάνατος από την ντροπι...

Hoplite, Greek Warriors of old

Leo Manco

Leo Manco

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Image result for greek god tattoo sleeve