Haunting Ivory Editorials

Haunting Ivory Editorials - Cold Light by Anton Jhonsen is Captured in a Ghostly Forest (GALLERY)

TUSAYAN ARIZONA (Style Scrapbook)

While we were driving through Arizona, we bumped into the most glorious landscapes that look like.

FOREST FAIRYTALE - Forest Fairytale is a project of the photographer Ulyana Sergeenko and of the grapher Nickolas Sushkevich. In a dense forest, female characters posing in a decorum that recalls the universe of nobility.

Location is Nothing - the editing here, along with the models expression, is what makes the photograph. The field is otherwise easily recreatable.

Styling/Location- Dunes in Monterey or SF & Beach Styled with lots of white a little pops of color and patterns Preferably shot during mid day for lot of shadows or diffused light if cloudy

Could we get the model to stand in two different places and keep the camera in the same position to merge the two images together? So it looks like the model is a twin, or so we can see the front and back together etc.