Un pedacito de Luna: Cuál es mi silla?

I'll bet this can be accomplished with paint, tissue paper, & polyurethane! I wish I knew the how-to on the tissue paper she is referring to.any ideas please leave comment

spray paint through doily/lace by stormjem

Spray Paint Through Lace! Started with a brown old chair, placed a lace curtain over the chair seat, spray painted over lace with white flat paint, let dry and then removed. Paint the rest of the chair white and use accent color to edge lace patterns.

I did this when I was a mere CHILD!!!!  Put mathematical formulas on my chair in yellow, blue and red - on BLACK, of course.

An old chair painted with lots of fun sayings. I like 'The older I get, the better I used to be. Cool idea for a reading chair.use book quotes.