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I once heard to treat yourself at least once a day. Even if it's just a nice black cup of coffee.

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A nice coffee shop and notes to take down observations for future writing projects.

Enjoying an espresso latte while drawing or writing on napkins. Coffee Lovers come up with the best ideas while enjoying coffee.

"Are you drinking coffee in a tea cup? "I don't like tea," she pouted and pushed her glassed up her nose. "It's a tea shop!

Breathe it in; the morning light, the heaviness of the evaporating dew in the air, the smell of your morning brew

Your Guide to a Healthy Holiday

Your Guide to a Healthy Holiday

I would love to do a picture like this where I could overlay a picture into a book to make the book look like it is actually reality. This picture definitely has inspiration.

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In a perfect world, I would wake up to this beautiful light, silent and calm late morning with a cup of coffee I could drink slowly.

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☺ DesignByNettis: ♥ GOOD MORNING everyone. REALLY good idea for an app? THE best ideas for mobile apps that haven't been made yet.

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A great read is encouraged when having breakfast. Nothing's more pleasant than nibbling on a piece of toast, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and a good read. I'm currently reading "On Liberty - Mills" (philosophy reading!

A Beginner's Guide to Tea: From green, to black, to oolong, and everything in between. Here's all you need to know about brewing the perfect cup!* we love our teas and coffees 💕

Reading or writing in a cozy coffee shop cafe

*beat stress every morning by writing down all your feelings on a piece of paper. spitting all your negative emotions on a piece of paper actually is a great idea of detoxifying your mind from stress