Very Nice! Whoever made/designed this jacket is very talented! Is it leather? I like the colors, its not exactly brown nor cordovan either.

This is steampunk

Are you a Victorian gear head by chance and looking to plan the ultimate Steampunk wedding? Here's the wedding page for you two! Regal Steam punk wedding theme and ideas.


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I kinda dig this "steampunk" leg holster thing :P I wonder if I could make something like this in faux leather. No idea what I would realistically use it for, however.


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that jacket! *-*

Shrine - Toreador Jacket & Hardware Kilt I'd want this for Luna.though she usually wears blue

I love this coat. This would be awesome for my Steampunk Alice costume. Maybe in a dusty sky blue or faded black and white stripes.

I adore the cap of t

Globetrotter tail coat, black / sand - Jackets / Coats - Manillusion ML Not sure whether to put this in Steampunk or Goth, but I love the lace on it!

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