"The Queen conquers. Hawhawhaw, I can see ya all prolly weren't expectin.

WIDOWMAKER Cote d'Azur - Overwatch by Lolliedrop

Time to draw some summer themed art !Va [: Hope you guys are enjoying summer & let me know if you already have vacation plans!

Every Known Class In Overwatch, Broken Down

Every Known Class In Overwatch, Broken Down

You might not be able to play Blizzard's newly announced Overwatch just yet, but in the meantime, you can start learning how every known class in the team-based shooter works. Who knows, maybe you'll find a class that you'll really like.

Widowmaker Noire - Overwatch by lemon100 on DeviantArt

Created With Source Filmmaker & GIMP(Only for Watermark) Widowmaker Noire - Overwatch

Posting because I'm bored and my sleeping schedule is messed up Xbox- rainbows shadow​