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I realize this is tribal painting. But the way the mouth is done is great for a Halloween twist.

le bleu est une couleur.

Les Mursi by claude gourlay. Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia perform their ancient tradition of temporary body decoration on themselves and each other a few times each day.

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Body art, African Tribal Scarification, Transition into Manhood, Beauty.

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thisbeadifulworld: vesivett: Sichuan Khampa (via miss-mary-quite-contrary) She is a true beauty.this Tibetian woman…

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mortem-et-necromantia: “ Kalbelia tribe, cobra gypsies. The Kalbelias were known for their frequent movement from one place to another in ancient times. Their main occupation is catching snakes and trading snake venom. Hence, the dance movements and.


Hamer people, Ethiopia [Oh yeah? Well my auntie made my dress and I am totally spectacular. Oh and btw, I'm going Amurrica to play ball with the Phoenix Mercury.