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Fun Food for Kids: Bread and mayo sandwich topped with cucumber, olive , cherry tomatoes and ketchup. Served with sliced strawberries , grapes and blanched green bean .

Toma nota de esta idea para preparar un divertido aperitivo para el cumpleaños de tu niño. #cumpleaños #comida

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Keep your kids happy, lively and balanced with ‘real food’ swaps Learn about foods for children’s development Help to avoid kids’ tamper tantrums and grumpy, hy

Lion Fruit Plate - oranges segments, pineapple slice, banana, blue berries, celery whiskers, carrot nose, olive mouth

This site has the cutest seriously the cutest kid food ideas. Bento boxes snack plates and more.

School Book Sandwiches ~ so cute and so easy to make...

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School Book Sandwiches ~ so easy to make. a perfect healthy snack to bring to your kid’s classroom, but they can be personalized for any occasion. Add the name of your child’s favorite book for a book themed birthday party or just for lunch.

people are so talented!

Funny pictures about Watermelon Lion. Oh, and cool pics about Watermelon Lion. Also, Watermelon Lion photos.

Usa un cortador pequeño para galletas para quitarle el corazón a rebanadas de manazana. | 43 Cosas inesperadas que puedes hacer con moldes de galletas

43 Cosas inesperadas que puedes hacer con moldes de galletas

If you dunk the sliced apples in orange juice, you can put them in a kid's lunch bag and they don't turn brown! A great way to take the core out of apple slices! A cute healthy valentines day snack I've also used sprite or club soda!

Algunas veces los niños no quieren comer, prefieren hacer algo más divertido. La solución es muy simple, solo tenemos que lograr una comida divertida para los niños. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Pues hay muchísimas maneras, a continuación te mostraré algunas ideas para hacer la comida divertida. Seguro lograrás ponerl

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Crafty Moods - Free craft and lifestyle projects resource for all ages: Fun Foods for Kids: Cute Cheesy Sunflowers!

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Food idea for ADHD kids, totally! Sandwiches with super cute faces. : ) so much fun - add the ingredients to the lunchbox and let the kids make the funny faces - great way to teach children to enjoy fresh food.


Fun food art Banana Palace - Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

Banana Buddy (Other ideas here)

Lots of Clever Fruit Art Ideas on this Site - Pictured: Banana Buddy

Yummy Grilled Zucchini Pioneer Woman recipe.

Grilled Zucchini with Yummy Lemon Salt