Blooms Taxonomy Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills Chart Great Verbs to help explain Blooms. and create activities for higher level thinking skills in the classroom. List of very useful websites

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Excel Tips & Tricks

For many, Excel is the go-to program for charting graphs for labwork results or for data entry and accounting. Its formula-based auto-calculations helps us save time and in many jobs it is a requirement to know how to work Excel before you even get the jo

Want to be a critical thinker? #HETS

Want to be a critical thinker?

The Help Your Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills Infographic presents the 7 stages of critical thinking to turn your students into critical thinkers.

Blooms-Taxonomy: Teacher Planning Kit

Blooms-Taxonomy: Teacher Planning Kit

Bloom's Taxonomy Questions and Tasks Wheel- This is another chart that helps teachers use Bloom's Taxonomy to develop more higher order thinking questions in their classrooms.  It gives verbs and activities that fit each category of the taxonomy.

Dont Miss This Awesome Blooms Taxonomy Wheel ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning . This might be helpful in sounding down Bible Truths.