I could use this on a coffee table or even in a bathroom.

Mini Candle Arrangement with Moss and Rocks. Here's a no-fuss table arrangement that's simple and appropriate for many occasions. Rocks and bits of moss nestle around small candles in tiny flowerpots. And best of all -- no flowers to keep fresh!

Coffee Bean Candle Holders

Coffee Bean Candle Holders

Make a Vanilla Coffee Bean Candle Bowl. When the inner vanilla candle heats up it warms the coffee beans and gives off the scent of both vanilla and coffee.

doing this in my living room except rocks instead of shells, Perfect for a beach party theme.

Use lg. Place color of sand you prefer in bottom. Then a layer of small colored sea shells. Last place candle in center of shells and push down lightly into sand.

A window full of these would be great

Feng Shui of Faceted Window Crystals

Feng Shui of Faceted Window Crystals: Feng shui crystals are used for a variety of purposes. You can hang a feng shui crystal sphere in a sunny window to attract auspicious energy, or use it as a feng shui cure to dispel negative feng shui energy in a dar

BrightNest | Four Reasons to Love Lavender

Four Reasons to Love Lavender

fill a jar with dried lavender buds (or coffee beans) and nestle an unscented candle in its own holder in the center. The heat from the burning candle will warm up the lavender (or coffee beans) and make your entire room smell delicious. I love lavender !