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0ce4n-g0d: “Cosmic Birth by SteveAllred”

This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion. I heart the Spitzer space telescope.

Remix Nebula (where only remixes of songs are played- hehe=P)

Hybrid Booster Pack

Remix Nebula - cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases that attract matter and materials to clump. These so called clumps form stars, planets, and other planetary systems. Nebulae are where the stars are formed!

Wonder of Nature

Okay, okay, I know, this is like my third post of outer space. but this is a storm on Jupiter. Not a storm!

Agujero negro, me dejaría llevar por el.

NASA Pictures Of The Universe Black Hole? Space and Wonder. When black holes shoot their jets directly.

Luna de sangre.

Blood Red Moon April The bloody red color the moon takes on during an eclipse is caused by refraction of sunlight by the Earth's atmosphere. 2014 red moon begins a rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses expected over the next two years!

♥ Beauty of the universe:

NGC 2359 (also known as Thor's Helmet) is an emission nebula in the constellation Canis Major.

Eclipse of Venus  NASA’s Picture of the Day on Aug.20, 2013.   Usually it is the Earth’s Moon that eclipses the Sun. Last June, most unusually, the planet Venus took a turn. Pictured above during the occultation, the Sun was imaged in three colors of ultraviolet light by the Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory, with the dark region toward the right corresponding to a coronal hole. The next Venusian solar eclipse will occur in 2117.

Venus and the Triply Ultraviolet Sun Image Credit: NASA/SDO & the AIA, EVE, and HMI teams; Digital Composition: Peter L. Dove Explanation: An unusual type of solar eclipse occurred last year.

De Nevel van de vlinder - NGC 6302 (ook wel de Bug Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, of Caldwell 69) is een bipolaire planetaire nevel in het sterrenbeeld Schorpioen.  De structuur in de nevel is een van de meest complexe ooit waargenomen in planetaire nevels.  Het spectrum van NGC 6302 toont aan dat de centrale ster is een van de heetste sterren in de melkweg, met een oppervlaktetemperatuur van meer dan 200.000 K, hetgeen impliceert dat de ster waaruit het gevormd moet hebben door Tamid..lbxxx.

The Butterfly Nebula - NGC 6302 (also called the Bug Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, or Caldwell is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius. The structure in the nebula is among the most complex ever observed in planetary nebulae.