I love the color of his eyes!! Louis Tomlinson

"She Makes Me Happy." - Louis - "She Makes Me Happy." - Louis

Louis Tomlinson - I'm not really a "directioner" but I do like the way they sound, and this guy has one of the most awesome voices ever. (Plus he's the best looking of the bunch)

Louis Tomlinson… I already had a hard enough time deciding whether Zayn or Harry was hotter.  Now you've decided to throw your two cents in, thanks.

30 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

43 Times Louis Tomlinson Was The Most Perfect And Beautiful Member Of One Direction. I totally agree and I love his voice.


"So close I can taste you. Ain't scared I can take you. Can't fight the feeling. Can you feel me?


Being a soccer player just made him like 10 times more attractive. Louis Tomlinson I love soccer


From Side Sweeps to Spiked 'Dos, One Direction's Best Hair Moments: Louis Tomlinson, February 2013