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The Genoese map is a 1457 world map. The map relied extensively on the account of the traveler to Asia Niccolo da Conti, rather than the usual source of Marco Polo. The author is not known, but is a more modern development than the Fra Mauro world map, with fairly good proportions given to each continents. The map also depicts a three-masted European ship in the Indian Ocean, something which had not occurred yet at the time

The Genoese map is a 1457 world map. The map relied extensively on the account…

Map of the world by Fra Mauro, 1459 Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa. Fra Mauro was a 15th-century Venetian monk. In his youth, Mauro traveled as a merchant and a soldier. Although he was no longer free to travel, due to his religious status, he would consult with merchants of the city upon their return from voyages. By 1450 he composed a great mappamundi with surprising accuracy, including extensive written comments reflecting the geographic knowledge of his time.

Map Spain Portugal, Northen Africa by Mapamundi de Fra Mauro 1459


Ancient World Maps: "Mappa mundi Borgia" or "Tavola di Velletri" is an engraved world map oriented with south at the top created in the first half of the century (ca. by an unknown author.

The city state of Greybanner is the hub to a potent mercenary faction of the same name. Here, fighters earn their rank in the ancient central arena.