Ornamento del árbol de Navidad un maravilloso por AGiftwithinaGift

Christmas-Tree Ornament - A Wonderful Quilled / Filigree White Christmas Tree: Decorated Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals and White Star.

Paper Quilling Pink and White Baby Carriage by NavankaCreations

Paper Quilling Pink and White Baby Carriage Ornament in a gift box, New Baby Keepsake, Baby Girl Keepsake Christmas Babyshower Mothers Day

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Stunning Stellar Dendrite Snowflake - White Quilled / Filigree "Laced in Air Snowflake" - Christmas Holiday Tree Ornament

Pleasure in creation: Quilled angel

Quilled / Filigree Ornament - Heavenly Angel Adorned in a Vibrant Peacock Feather Green Gown with Lacy White Wings

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brad ptr cracun quilling- maybe make a cardstock cone as a base to glue the quilled pieces onto.